At Breakout, we offer caring physical therapy in Wexford – that’s both personalized and confidential – to help you get back to 100%.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to decide where you receive your care. Consider all options when choosing your physical therapy care.

  • Do you see the same physical therapist each visit?
  • Does your PT reassess your status at each visit?
  • Are you able to contact your PT between sessions, after hours, and on weekends to address questions or concerns?
  • Does your PT advocate for your care?
  • Are you being treated like a loved one/family member?
  • Are you seeing an improvement within 3-6 visits?
  • Do you receive hands-on care during your physical therapy in Wexford??
  • Are you monitored and attended to during your PT session?
  • Does your physical therapist know your specific goals?


With out-of-pocket costs rising, make sure you are getting the BEST care for your dollar. At BreakOut, you are treated like family, not a number.
We don’t just deliver the care, WE DO CARE!

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PT-Helper is an intuitive physical therapy app for PT patients that allows you to create and customize your own exercise program via an interactive exercise library. It’s designed to address common frustrations:

  • Have you ever lost count during your exercise routine?
  • Are you tired of misplacing instructions from your therapist or trainer?
  • Do you remember all your exercises and how to do them properly?